About Us

Provide first-class quality graphite materials for global customers

Company culture
Corporate vision

To be the best supplier of high quality and high performance graphite materials in the world


Strong integrity, professionalism, excellence, responsibility, teamwork.

Business philosophy

Integrity-based, pioneering and innovative, competitive complementation, cooperation and win-win.

Reputation concept

People do not stand trustworthy, and enterprises have no faith or long. Reputation is the foundation for companies to grow

Business advantage

I do not have you, you have my excellent, you are good I create new products.

Quality policy

The satisfaction and expectation of users is the constant pursuit of quality by Qingdao Guangxing. Advanced technology, scientific management and excellent service are the guarantee for Qingdao Guangxing to continuously improve product quality. Product safety and environmental improvement are the features of Qingdao Guangxing. Social responsibility.

Operating strategy

To meet the most stable needs of customers with optimal quality is the cornerstone of the company's development. Continually innovating products to meet downstream applications is a good road for sustainable development.