Industrial Distribution

Vertically build a complete graphite deep processing industry chain

Raw material base

Luobei Yinghao Graphite Co., Ltd. is located in Yunshan Forest Park, Huanshan Township, Luobei County, Hegang City, Heilongjiang Province. It was established on July 26, 2011 with a registered capital of 10.7 million yuan. It is mainly engaged in graphite beneficiation, flotation and flotation. A comprehensive graphite company that integrates ball-shaped graphite deep processing.

The project has a planned area of 35,000 square meters and employs 60 people. It has an ore storage area, a ball milling workshop, a flotation drying plant, a finished product warehouse, a spherical graphite processing workshop, and an office and a laboratory. With an annual output of 30,000 tons of graphite negative eyes.

In August 2017, Qingdao Guangxing Electronic Material Co., Ltd. capitalized Luohai Yinghao with capital, technology, equipment, and market as its capital. It will achieve a capacity of 30,000 tons of flake graphite, 6,000 tons of spherical graphite, and 6,000 tons of fine powder graphite. Leaping Development.

Jixi Shentai New Energy - Purification Base

Jixi Shentai New Energy Material Co., Ltd. was established on July 1, 2011, located in the graphite industrial park of Mashan District, Jixi City, Heilongjiang Province. The project covers an area of 30,000 square meters and has a registered capital of 20 million yuan. Existing staff 200 people. Mainly engaged in graphite beneficiation, flotation, drying as one of the integrated graphite mineral processing companies.

In 2015, Qingdao Guangxing Electronic Material Co., Ltd. established advanced strategic technology and market advantages, established strategic cooperation relationship with Jixi Shentai, and successively invested in mine cooperation, adding 40,000 tons of new raw material production capacity, laying a good foundation for raw materials.

In 2016, Qingdao Guangxing Electronic Material Co., Ltd. invested in technology and jointly built the 12,000-ton spherical graphite purification and high-purity graphite project of Shentai New Energy. By then, it realized the upgrading of Shentai from raw ore flotation to purification deep processing.

Qingdao Guangxing Electronics - Deep Processing Headquarters

Qingdao Guangxing Electronic Materials Co., Ltd. was established in October 2010. It mainly deals with deep processing enterprises such as spherical graphite, flake graphite, micro-powder graphite, high-purity graphite, battery powder, graphite milk, and graphite products. Currently, it develops southwest of Chenglai. The villa is a deep-processing headquarters, relying on Heilongjiang Luobei area and Jixi area as the main raw material base (the total raw material production capacity totals 70,000 tons), with Jixi Shentai new energy as the auxiliary purification base (purification capacity of 12,000 tons), with Laixi south-shu wide-star electronic scales Graphite Factory and Guangxing Electronic Ball-type Deep-processing Plant are integrated high-tech graphite processing companies with a complete industrial chain.

Guangxing Electronic Nanshu Base, project planning close to 60,000 square meters, with flake graphite processing and deep processing as a whole, invested 50 million yuan, to achieve annual sales of 40,000 tons, 80% of the product market for export. At the same time, Liaoning Yingkou Refractory Graphite Processing Plant and Japan Sales Company were also deployed. It has injected a powerful framework for the development of the company.