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Natural spherical graphite

Using high-quality natural flake graphite as raw material, it is produced through the following processes: (milling-shaping-grading-chemical purification-pure water washing-drying-screening-average mixing-fine screening-demagnetization-packaging). The products have good stability, good potato shape, and contaminations are fully under control. The finished products can achieve high capacity and good cycle performance.


Classified by purity:95-97 series natural spherical graphite, 99-998 series natural spherical graphite, >=99.95 high purity spherical graphite series.

Classified by size:SG20-SG25 large-diameter spherical graphite series, SG15-SG19 medium-diameter spherical graphite series, SG11-SG14 small-diameter spherical graphite series, and SG8-SG10 ultra-fine spherical graphite series.

Core value Field of application Technical data
Core value

The stability of product quality is high, and the error of 20 tons of granularity is within +-0.2.

The product of the same grade has a lower specific surface area and better coating effect.

Excellent foreign body control process, magnetic material <0.1ppm.

Chemical stability, high charge and discharge capacity, good circulation, and good safety performance.