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Graphite emulsion

Classification: Forging Graphite emulsion, Drawing Graphite emulsion, Oiling agent Graphite emulsion, Anode Graphite emulsion, Conductive graphite emulsion for High power Battery

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Core value

Forging Graphite emulsion: good lubricity, mold release, chemical stability, high temperature adhesion, increased mold life, no pollution, applied to non-ferrous metal processing high temperature casting parts demoulding.

Drawing Graphite emulsion: The products include coarse wire, medium wire, fine wire and special filament, which have good high-temperature lubricity, protect the mold from wear reduction, and have excellent high-temperature coating properties, and do not fall off between 600-1200 degrees. Burn, protect the wire from oxidation.

Oiling agent Graphite emulsion: Good lubrication, mold release, high temperature resistance, no oxidation, strong adhesion, used mainly in high temperature demoulding of glassware and other non-metal manufacturing processes.

Anode Graphite Emulsion: It has excellent adhesion, stability, conductivity, heat dissipation, and non-toxic properties. It is mainly used for anode coating of electronic components.

Conductive graphite emulsion for High power Battery: Based on graphene processing technology, it has super fast conductivity, and is suitable as conductive agents for anode and cathode of various battery materials.